Vend POS and Cash Discounting

*Cash discounting available through alternative processors. MPI partner sales support can provide upon request*

Cash discounting is the act of reducing the cost of an item to encourage the use of cash. In most retail cash discount scenarios, the merchants displays a sign that says: All pricing is based on the cash discounted price, if a credit/debit card is used, the price is X% more.

The terminal at the register must prompt and notify the end-user of the variance. The processor charges the correct amount of the sale and funds the merchant the difference. For example, if the charge is $100 and the discount markup is 4%, the cardholder is charged $104 and the merchant is still funded $100. At the end of the month, the merchant receives a statement with only deposits and no charges for processing.

Vend Point of Sale is an industry-leading point of sale software. MPI has created a cash discount program for Vend utilizing the MPI Gateway. Any processor that is compatible with Pax devices will work with our gateway. See our Compatibility Document

The terminal is a customer-facing device and contains the required cash discount verbage. The disclaimer is printed on both the Vend and terminal receipt. The reporting in Vend for credit card sales will match the deposits the merchant has received the chosen processor will be receive the remaining funds that were processed but not deposited. The below video was made using the TSYS network, but most major daily discount processors are supported. Please email to learn more about Vend and using it as a cash discounting POS solution.


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