Vend POS Age Verification

Vend POS is always on the cutting edge of technology in the retail industry. This company has shown its ability to quickly and efficiently make improvements to an already fantastic system. The new Hyperspace Age Verification integration is just another example of Vend’s dedication to their customers in providing a state of the art, feature-focused POS system.

Hyperspace HQ, a leader in the software integration industry, designed a seamless integration with Vend POS for age verification. The process is simple; the POS operator adds an item which has been designated as age-restricted, and an automatic on-screen prompt appears requiring the operator to scan an ID such as a driver’s license. The ID is scanned into Vend and if approved, the order process can continue to the checkout phase. If the ID is invalid, the age-restricted item would need to be removed from the cart in order to continue to the payment screen.

Vend and Hyperspace have worked together to create a simple and effective tool to protect the business and increase security for age-restricted products. The integration is RACS compliant and easy to implement. 

Hyperspace has created a quick video that shows the process. You can view the video here: Hyperspace Age Verification Application

Need help adding this integration or setting up your items in Vend for age restrictions? Contact the MPI POS team today at 877-508-2831 or for assistance.