Many retail-restaurant hybrid businesses, like a Tavern or quick service sandwich shop, need a point of sale system that has the capability of kitchen printing as well as scanning product barcodes into the point of sale system. Historically, this has posed a challenge for these merchants as those two functions typically did not exist inside one system, making the business owner decide which feature is more important.  That is no longer the case with Lavu Point of Sale.  Lavu, a leader in the cloud based restaurant Point of Sale industry, has recently partnered with Socket Mobile, a company specializing in bluetooth barcode scanners, to introduce the capability of scanning product’s UPC codes and adding them to the sale screen of Lavu making checkouts more efficient. This added feature will allow businesses that offer UPC scannable products the ability to streamline their checkout process by simply scanning the product’s UPC code. The ability to use the Socket Mobile barcode scanner with Lavu Point of Sale allows Taverns the ability to scan cases of alcohol that customers may be taking home with them and will shorten your checkout lines by increasing order entry speed allowing the cashier to service more customers.

Across the country, depending on state laws, there are Taverns that are allowed to sell beer or wine over the counter for consumption off premise. These taverns may even have a store attached that is dedicated to the sale of beer and wine. Whatever the case may be, these stores need the ability to scan products onto the sale screen of the point of sale system. This makes Lavu Point of Sale and the Socket Mobile barcode scanner the perfect all in one solution.  Lavu will work just as a restaurant point of sale should, sending the kitchen orders, tracking server’s sales, and keeping track of inventory, just to name a few of its functions.  But it can also work as a retail station where customers can come and pay for their alcohol products they will be taking with them to enjoy in the comfort of their home.  Having the ability to scan these products at the point of sale will save the cashier time that can be spent on other things.  This will also give owners the ability to purchase just one system for their establishment as opposed to one for retail and one for restaurant operations.

Another business vertical the Socket Mobile and Lavu partnership is a match for are quick service establishments that also have an assortment of retail items.It’s summer time, think of a busy quick service restaurant a block off the beach that has coolers full of sodas, aisles of snacks, beach toys, and merchandise.  Not only does their point of sale screen need to have all of the sandwiches and platters that are on the menu, but they must also have the drinks, snacks, beach toys, and merchandise.  Programming all of these products into a point of sale system in the form of a button on the screen, and making them easily and readily available to a cashier at the time of the sale, can be a challenging task.  A cashier may take a few moments too long, meanwhile, an impatient customer leaves, and that sale is lost. Inefficiency leads to lost business.  Thankfully now the Socket Mobile barcode scanner paired with Lavu Point of Sale gives businesses the ability to take a customer’s order at a sandwich station, where the food order will print to the kitchen, allow the customer to shop for other needs such as snacks or beach toys, and then check out with a cashier that will be using the Socket Mobile barcode scanner to quickly and efficiently scan all of the products onto the sale screen.  Dave Shamblin, owner and operator of Hotdog Johnnies a quick service restaurant offering an assortment of bottled drinks, snacks, and merchandise with locations in Lewes and Dewey Beach, DE, uses the Socket Mobile barcode scanner with his Lavu Point of Sale system.  Dave says,“Using the Socket Mobile barcode scanner with Lavu has really made it easy for my cashiers to add products to sales.  This helps us get through the lunch rush by reducing lines at checkout and allowing my second cashier time to work on other tasks such as food running and bussing tables.  It has made my business more efficient by allowing my employees time to perform other tasks.”

The Socket Mobile and Lavu partnership has been formed to make your business and employees more efficient. Using the Socket Mobile barcode scanner will cut down a cashier’s time entering orders and will allow them to service more customers which will turn more revenue for the business.

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