PCI EMV & Tokenization

PCI, EMV, Tokenization! Sounds very important don’t they? Well, they are!  These days and for a while now they have been the payment industry’s hot words and buttons. There are a lot of myths out there and truths.  That is one very important reason why it’s important to have t trustworthy payments, point of sale partner. To walk you and your business through the correct and “Compliant” way of being EMV ready. Another word we hear, compliant or compliance.

Your POS (point of sale) can enhance your customer experiences. 30% of businesses are not PCI/EMV compliant. Using a POS that guarantees EMV compliance is very important. The out of scope solutions that take your chip card out of the POS and accepts your EMV chip card, (Euro MasterCard and Visa) is the most encrypted way of payment acceptance.  It is important to have a payments and POS partner that keeps you aware of keeping your hardware current, software updates and now that October 2015 has long passed it puts businesses open for liabilities and possible fines not to be POS/EMV ready. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to MPI: (Leaving open for you to put what you want here)

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