Otter Box Mobile POS Bundle

The otter box mobile POS bundle includes an otter box Ipad case, D220, hand strap accessory,
and swivel stand.

The otter box case offers interchangeable options so you may attach or remove your D220,
stand, and/or hand strap. This allows you to take orders or run your POS through the ipad and
accept payments right away.This versatility allows you to easily switch between accepting
payments stationary and portably. This case also protects the IPad from cracks and damages.
The hand strap accessory is perfect for tableside usage. You may securely carry your IPad and
D220 from table to table. If you wish to return your POS to its stationary position, the handheld
accessory does not interfere with stand connection. In fact, you can easily have both the hand
strap and stand equipped at once.
The optional stand can rotate up to 180 degrees. The stand is also easily removable from its
appropriate otter box case. This means you can easily switch between stationary use and
tableside management without hassle.
The D220 may be connected and disconnected from the otter box case easily, yet securely. This
is perfect for businesses that utilize table side service or have a need for switching between a
stationary kiosk and portable access.
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