MPI Payroll

Even if your business has as few as 1 employee, MPI’s payroll software can calm all your payroll frustrations in a matter of minutes. See how easy it is in this video or read the rest of this article.

As soon as you login, you will be able to view the beginning and end date of your current pay period, as well as off-cycle activities such as bonuses, commissions, additional checks including but not limited to reimbursements, extra payroll, and voided checks and payroll errors. Under “Reminders” employee birthdays, holidays, and/or other important dates will appear. Using “Recent Payrolls” and “Payroll Analytics” at the bottom of the dashboard, you can view your recent pay runs and easily compare past runs to your current run.

To advance in the software, you may click an orange button titled “Continue Payroll,” which will direct you to a list of your employees organized by payroll type. You will notice that employees are separated into hourly and salary wages. Salary employees will always be set to the amount you’ve chosen. However, you may include additional compensation such as tips, bonuses, or holiday pay. Hourly employees will be based on a preset base rate. You simply input the number of hours the employee has worked and the system will automatically calculate the gross wage. You can also easily manage 1099 contractors using this system.

If you need to view a more detailed report of an employee’s one-time or current deductions, you can “preview payroll” to see a detailed yet simple breakdown. You will find a complete breakdown of your payroll expenses with deductions detailed. This screen will also separate your total payroll expenses into what is automatically withdrawn from your payroll bank account and what needs to be set aside for paper checks and deductions. If you want an individual employee breakdown, you can easily scroll down and view gross pay, deductions, taxes, and net pay for each employee listed. To complete running payroll, your last step would be to confirm that you have reviewed the preview and click “submit for approval.”.

This software is not limited to only running payroll. If you click “reports” at the top of the site, you can view multiple payroll reports including a month-to-date, year-to-date, and deductions report.

You can also view employee pay stubs and manage employee benefits, like 401(k).
This tab also includes state, regional, and/or federal reports that you may need to access for filing. This is a super convenient feature since it keeps all these important documents stored securely in one place, for quick access anytime.

Under the company tab you can update contact information, bank accounts, and Tax IDs. You can view information like payroll data, frequencies, company time off, and other company details.

Overall, MPIPayroll is a quick and easy tool that keeps all of your company’s payroll information in one place. Regardless of how many employees your business has, this is an asset you can definitely benefit from. For more information and for a personalized quote, please reach out to our MPI Payroll team at or 877-508-2831.