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Tableside Printing and Payments. Are you trying to increase table turnover, reduce payments fraud, sell more drinks,or increase server touches? We will cover the pros of ordering and paying tableside. Also we will recommend some best practices to make this transition as easy and cost effective as possible. 


It may seem obvious, but let’s review the comparison chart below which shows two different workflows. We can use these examples to make some time estimates on standard table service with server stations vs tableside. This will vary based on your restaurant size, menu, and server speed, but it is a good estimate. As you can see the biggest time saving component is entering the order while at the table. This stops travel time and duplicate entry. If a server writes down the order at the table they then have to spend time walking to the point of sale and then again entering the order.  The second biggest savings is duplicate POS visits. A server can ask for check and it be printed on demand and also hand the credit card to the server and it can be run tableside. The biggest part of table turn over is closing out. When a table is ready to leave they are likely ready to pay. Giving them the ability to ask for the check and pay at that time will push the table to exit faster, resulting in extra turnover, which equals extra sales, especially on busy nights.