Internationally Known Point of Sale Terms Making Their Way to the USA

Anyone that keeps up with point of sale technology will agree that merchants have easier access to a wider array of software than they did in years past. Technology is opening the gates for international companies to become mainstream here in the USA. This push for newer and better technology is moving the needle forward as competition increases.

New Zealand based software companies Vend HQ and Xero, as well as UK based Pepper HQ are becoming popular in the United States as more and more software companies are integrating their technology and expanding merchant’s options for new products and services. For those using these software products in the USA, some of the terminology that is used in the international community is new for US-based businesses. Here are some of the terms that may affect your business:

  1. Layby: This is known as Layaway in the USA. Layby/Layaway is “a system of paying a deposit to secure an item for later purchase.” Interestingly, Layby was coined over 30 years earlier than Layaway; although they are essentially the same thing.

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  1. Topping Off: This is known as tipping, or tip adjustment in the United States.

  2. Parking a sale: Holding a sale or saving an order that has not been paid yet.

  3. EFTPOS – Commonly known as electronic payments. This refers to an electronic transfer of funds at the point of sale using a plastic form of payment such as debit or credit cards.

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And a few more just for fun:

  1. Dog’s breakfast – A mess or complicated situation

  2. Mates rates – Discounts

  3. Nah, yeah – Yes

  4. Yeah, nah – No

  5. Ripsnorter – Something that’s exceptionally good.

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Now you can use the lingo with the best of ‘em!

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