How are you handling this years influx of customers this year? Retailers may find a need for an additional register to speed up the checkout process or may even need an additional register for a “pop up” event that is being held at a different location specifically for the holiday season.  With these events becoming more popular, retailers need a truly mobile point of sale system that can be used anywhere, anytime.  MPI Point of Sale has the solution.

Partnering with Vend, the world’s #1 retail point of sale system, and industry leading point of sale equipment manufacturer, Star Micronics, MPI is now offering an mPOP rental program.  Equipment that can be  included in the rental program is a mobile hotspot, iPad, credit card reader, and of course the mPOP; it is everything a retailer would need to be successful in a “pop up” environment. Using the mPOP gives retailers a compact and mobile cash drawer, printer, and scanner that can be used anywhere power is available.

A great example of a retailer using the mPop for his pop up shop is Harry Shanti of the Philadelphia Shoe Outlet at 1515 Market street located right in Center City, Philadelphia. Each year, the city of Philadelphia hosts a Christmas Village retail market running the day after Thanksgiving up until Christmas Eve. The village is filled with local vendors and retailers offering a wide variety of standard and holiday items. Many of these retails, like Harry, have a brick and mortar storefront already operating on Vend. Harry needed equipment for a mobile register for his pop up Christmas village event and tried out MPI’s mPOP rental program. The rental equipment allowed him to operate at full speed by accurately recording sales and managing inventory in real time.

Harry said “It was as easy as adding a second register to our Vend account and plugging in the equipment from MPI and we were off selling shoes, just like we would in our store a few blocks over. All of my inventory was tracked and we had the ability to scan products, accept credit cards, and give customers receipts.”

Giving retailers the ability to rent an additional register rather than buying it allows them to keep expenses low, while obtaining mission-critical equipment on demand.  It is perfect for all sorts of “pop up” events that may only occur once a quarter or less frequently. If a merchant has a recurring need for pop up equipment, the also have the option of purchasing the hardware and activating the services as needed. Setting up the MPOP takes only a few minutes. See video below:

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Check out the mPop in action at the Philadelphia Shoe Outlet Holiday Store:


Vend – Vend is the world’s leading cloud-based point of sale software for retail businesses. Vend makes it easy to manage your business remotely, whether it is checking your sales in real time, updating your inventory or connecting with your customers. Vend integrates with best-in-class software such as QuickBooks, Shopify and Timely. Please check out Vend at


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