ePOS Now: The Best of Both Worlds

MPI has added an additional POS software to our line up; ePOS NOW. MPI knows that all businesses are different and one POS cannot fit everyone’s operational needs. This article discusses a few differences in our POS software products to help decide when it’s better to select Vend, ePOS NOW or Lavu. 

Operating Systems

Business owners typically have a preference when choosing the operating system and technology to use with their POS. Some owners like Apple products, while others prefer Windows or Android-based platforms. There is no right or wrong answer, but it is important for merchants to feel as comfortable as possible when operating their POS system. By adding ePOS NOW, which runs on iOS, OSX, Android, or Windows, MPI can now serve restaurants and retail stores regardless of their choice. MPI can also reprogram existing POS stations powered by Android or Legacy Windows devices. Additionally, because our processing solution is out of scope by utilizing the eConduit gateway, we can run ePOS NOW on older Windows or Mac devices even if those systems are not PCI compliant. 

Here is a chart that breaks down the compatible platforms for our point of sale systems:


Inventory and Ecommerce 

At the time this article was written, the USA was exiting the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and merchants were trying their best to transition to an omni-commerce (online and in-store) approach. 

Each POS offering has distinct advantages in online and in-store areas of business and our team can help guide you to the best option. Vend and ePOS NOW offer an eCommerce integration where the business’ inventory automatically ‘talks’ to the online store and the brick and mortar location(s). This allows for inventory counts to stay consistent regardless of which sales channel is used and gives customers confidence that you have what they are looking for in-stock. In the current climate, customer loyalty is very important and every chance for a positive interaction between your brand and your customer increases the chance to capture repeat business.

Tabs, Quickservice and Dining 

Interested in learning more about our point of sale options? Email sales@mpipos.com or call 1-800-518-5020.