ePOS Customer Database

Most point of sale systems designed for restaurants provide similar basic functions and do them at a high level. These include crafting a food order, sending it to the bar or kitchen, tracking sales, and monitoring employees. One commonality between most restaurant software is that they lack the ability to carry a balance. For on account catering operations or businesses that offer personal dining accounts, such as a golf and country club, this becomes a major issue. ePOS Now solves this problem with its Customer Database and Invoicing feature.

While exceptionally comprehensive, the customer database is also extremely convenient to use. Tracking spending habits, saving email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and much more has never been quite so easy. Already have a customer list set up in Excel? Simply import it into the ePOS Now Database and be working with existing balances on day one. If you bill your clients monthly, the “on account” feature tracks all spending during a time period and then allows you to send a recurring itemized bill. The invoice for that would be the customer’s balance. The ability to charge members a predetermined amount to use as an account credit is a very useful feature as well. Think of a golf and country club, where the membership requires $5000 in annual spending. The member prepays this and can then charge expenses, like a new wedge at the pro shop or a family dinner in the dining room, to their account. 

Between cloud-based data storage to streamline reconciliation and unparalleled access to customer information this POS solution will have your business running smoother than ever. 

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