Curbside Payments

For many years, there have been a set of tried and true business practices in place that have shaped the way customer to merchant transactions are completed. 

  • Customer selects the product they wish to purchase.
  • Customer brings the product to the counter for purchase. 
  • Customer pays the merchant for the product. 
  • Customer exits the store with the product. 

Now, we are living in a Covid world, which will hopefully soon be a post Covid world. Things have changed forever and will continue to do so. What does that mean for the modern day business?





Many Businesses no longer have the choice to stick to the status quo. In this new climate, to stay open, relevant, and successful they must be open to the idea of doing things a different way. Although it may sound elementary, it is important to remember a core principle of creating a profitable business: bringing money in quickly and efficiently. Accepting payments is the basic premise that every business is built on. Consider the cliche sports figure who answers the inevitable question of “what do you think it will take to win” with “well… we will definitely have to score more points than the other team”. Elementary, sure, but that is how you win. In business, you need to bring in money to be financially successful.


MPI is proud of our expertise in this area as well as our ability to greatly increase a businesses overall efficiency. We excel at helping our customers win in business. The need to reduce the person to person interaction at the shop counter will be the biggest change we see to traditional shopping habits. The quickest and safest way to do this is to begin accepting payments curbside. Many MPI customers have already made the switch to wireless credit card terminals that can be brought outside to a customer who is ready to pay. 


For those customers we are providing the Pax S920. This terminal is completely wireless, running on wifi, cellular data, or both, meaning it can complete transactions anywhere you can provide your products or services. The terminal is also contactless. Requiring no actual handling of the credit card by an employee. Utilizing NFC services such as Apple Pay, Fit bit Pay, Android pay and cards with tap capabilities. This is the safest way to complete an in person transaction.


Give us a call and find out how we can help make your business more efficient.