When merchants research Vend they find a lot of information on a world leading, cloud based, retail Point of Sale system that is a perfect fit for retail stores. But they may not know that by using Vend’s rich features such as its comprehensive reporting, expansive inventory control, and extensive customer tracking the system can used for other markets as well. One of these markets that Vends features lend perfectly to is Museums.  They need the ability to track membership sales and usage, demographics of the people visiting the museum, and tour dates to make sure that time slots are not overbooked. Vend can help Museums will all of these needs!

Most museums have a need to track membership enrollment by type such as lifetime memberships, yearly memberships, or a corporate membership. Tracking those memberships by usage and expiration date can be done using Vend’s customer tracking feature. By adding the customer to the sale and setting up a product that will be rang as a sale every time the membership is used, managment would be able to see how many times a member visited the museum.  Using the custom field section in the customer’s information you can also set up a spot for an expiration date.

Many museums are non profit and rely on federal funding from the government through grants.  When applying for grants, submitting information about the demographics of the Museums visitors is very important. This Information such as the addresses or age of patrons can be tracked and reported on using Vend’s customer database. This database has fields available to enter a customer’s address, zip code and all the information needed in order to capture the visitors demographics.

Tours is another area where Vend can lend a hand. Museums often offer different types of tours to its visitors and keeping track of the amount of people booked for a specific tour can be very important so that overbooking is not an issue.  Tours can be tracked just like a product’s inventory in the system.  This is accomplished by setting up a tour date or time as a product within Vend POS and turning on its inventory tracking.  By making the inventory the amount of available spots on the specific tour, you will be able to see how many available seats are left for a specific tour. This will eliminate overbooking and alerts can also be configured to notify management when a tour date or time has a low inventory.

Vend’s Point of Sale really shines when taking advantage of its many features!  Its customer information database and inventory level controls are great tools that can be used in order to track, control, and forecast different aspects of a museums day to day operations.