Vend, the number one online point of sale system for modern retailers, has upgraded the software to introduce a key feature called Promotions. The promotions piece was added after a lot of feedback from Vend users on a need to easily put items on sale and offer bundled pricing on products, typically called BOGO or buy one get one. The new promotions feature can handle not only BOGO pricing, but allows user to set promotions for future sales, and offer special pricing to customer groups.

BOGO promotions are a great way increase stock turnover and can be preset to include different product types. As shown in the picture below, setting these sales up can be done within a few clicks and can include or exclude certain product types and tags. It does not have to be the buy one get one sale either, it could be a reward such as selling bundled products at a fixed price, savings on bundled products, spending a certain amount, and even extra loyalty points that can be redeemed on future purchases.

Having a sale a few months from now? Set it and forget it with Vend’s promotions calendar. Setting the sale is easy, but also setting a sale that will only run on a certain day or week allows users to set it and forget it. No longer do users have to worry about informing their staff of special sales and discounts, managers can set the sale up for the correct time period and Vend takes care of the rest. It will run from the beginning to end of the date and time set in place. Check out this video to learn more.

The promotions piece is also great for setting up special discounts for your VIP customer groups. Offering a discount to local chamber members or a military discount? If you are a landscaper or wholesaler that offers bulk or wholesale discounts to volume buyers, you have the ability to offer that group a predetermined discount on products of your choosing.

With the Vend’s promotions piece business owners can save time while increasing stock turnover which in turn increases revenue. Vend’s promotions piece is a great tool so that employees can focus more time on servicing the customers and spending less time at the register. Gone are they days of being concerned if a customer was charged the right price for a sale item, let Vend and MPI POS handle that for you.

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