The PAX S920

The replacement for the Pax S90 is officially here! The Pax S920 works with both the Verizon and AT&T 4G networks, uses a touch screen for prompts and has a keypad for inputting numbers. This upgraded credit card terminal  is perfect for any location that has access to WiFi or a cellular connection. 

The S920 offers more freedom than ever as it’s rechargeable lithium ion battery allows for usage on the go. The ability to go cordless is ideal for merchants that have a checkout counter but want the flexibility to ring up a customer anywhere in the store. The terminal can be supported as a standalone or semi-integrated device if it is to be used with integrated softwares like Vend and Lavu. 

S920 Retail POS Terminal Tutorial

The second most often way we see this terminal used is as a 100% cellular device. Once encrypted to handle pin debit and EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer), it is perfect for farmer’s markets, food purveyors and pop up shops. For example, produce stands with limited internet access often choose this device to ramp up for their busy season as it is easy to train on and scale for multiple employees. 

Finally, if you are having a large event and need to rent mobile terminals, MPI offers the S920 for up to a month at a time for just $99 each. This price includes shipping both ways as well as training on how to use the device. 

MPI Point of Sale is a full-service point of sale company offering custom gift cards, terminals, and more for Vend POS, and Lavu POS . To learn more about the S920 or any of the other services we offer, contact us at by calling 800-518-5020, email or visit our website.