We live in a digital world where the internet is a very prevalent means of communication and gathering information.  If you are going out for dinner and a movie you are most likely looking up movie times on a website, and using yelp or other restaurant review sites to find the right place to eat; the same goes for golf tee times.  Booking a tee time is made easy by using the internet; most golf courses offer tee time booking software on their website, but ChronoGolf Pro takes tee sheet management to the next level!

ChronoGolf Pro makes managing tee times an easy, if not automated process for operation managers.  It easily allows the pro shop to manage shotguns, crossovers, and front/back nine starts all within a few clicks. The beauty of it all is it can be managed from anywhere. ChronoGolf Pro is a cloud based system, giving its operators the opportunity to manage reservations remotely. It also follows the software as a service model (SaaS) which eliminates large startup costs and contracts as well as receiving free updates for the life of the subscription. ChronoGolf Pro has an extensive customer/member management feature that when paired with a Point of Sale (POS) system can be a very resourceful tool in marketing to customers. When paired with POS industry leader Vend it offers golf courses a solution that will allow pro shops to use ChronoGolf’s robust tee sheet software and Vend’s industry leading point of sale system.

The ChronoGolf Pro software will allow golf course guests to book tee times online then once in the pro shop members can pay their green fees, purchase golf accessories, and buy concessions all from one system.  All of these purchases can be tracked within Vend’s customer management software giving golf course the opportunity to track purchasing history and make special notes on member profiles. Maybe one of your members like Kentucky bourbon and cigars, using the customer management features offered by the ChronoGolf/ Vend integration, these items can be made available in the members cart upon tee time.

The ChronoGolf and Vend integration is a tool that can benefit many golf course with many varying needs.  The robust features of both software in cohesion with each other is something that can make golf course operations run smoothly and efficiently. Check out this video here to see the integration in action.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to MPI Point of Sale at POSsales@mpiprocessing.com