LAVU Cash Discounting

Why should you consider cash discounting for your business?
It allows you to price your goods and services competitively while saving money on credit card processing! Due to higher interchange fees from VISA, Master Card, Discover, and American Express, the cost of credit card processing has steadily increased for business owners. To compensate, many businesses have raised the cost of goods and services for their customers.

Instead, you will be offering consumers a discount in exchange for using cash. If a customer still chooses to pay using a credit card, they pay the non-cash adjustment price. This adjustment is used to cover the interchange fees implemented by major card brands. The adjustment is collected daily, replacing the need for monthly installments paid to the card processor by the business.
Using this method, Lavu Cash Discounting was able to save local businesses up to $40k a year in card processing fees. They didn’t have to raise their product prices or resort to being a cash-only business: they simply incentivized the use of cash by consumers.

So how does it work?
Once the feature is enabled, you will see a new line item fee added to your orders. In our case, we use “Non-Cash Adjustment”. This label may vary by state requirements. This is calculated by adding your subtotal, tax, and gratuity and multiplying that total by your current processing fee percentage.
Add an item to your order and select “checkout.” When selecting the “Credit Card” button, the non-cash adjustment remains in place and the transaction is sent to your terminal. Once the customer enters the credit card, the transaction is completed.

The only tips affected by this adjustment are those added through the “sign and tip” on-screen feature. If your consumers leave tips for staff, such as servers, on a printed receipt, the non-cash adjustment will be void.

Now we will see what placing an order with Cash will look like. We will add an item to the order and select “checkout.” When you select the “Cash” button, this adjustment will automatically be removed. You can also manually remove the adjustment by tapping the “Non-Cash Adjustment” button.
If you would like to include this button on your screen, it must be added through the “Checkout Layout Editor.” This can be found by navigating through “settings”>”location settings”>”checkout layout editor.”
To track the amounts collected from the cash discount program, select “reports”> “Sales & Payments”>”Cash Discount Program.” Here you can see the amount collected for each individual order, as well as the overall total.

If you are interested in learning more about offering Lavu cash discounting to your merchant services clients or are a business owner looking to add this to your operations, call 1 (800) 518-5020 or email us at