Why Gift Card & Loyalty Programs Matter This Holiday Season?

  • Market & Brand Your Business

  • Increase Cash Flow

  • Affordable Advertising

  • Retain Your Customer with Loyalty Rewards

  • The Go-To Holiday Gift, Safer Than Cash

      ‘Tis the season! The season that gift cards are purchased more than other type of gift.  Most retailers today offer a fully branded custom gift card program for their customers. Gift cards are an ideal, convenient gift and much safer than giving cash. Gift cards can increase cash flow for the retailer all year long. Typically when the gift card is redeemed, the sale is approximately 40% more than the original gift card amount.

     MPI gift card programs can be customized and branded for your specific business type. Make your logo shine on a gift card or loyalty rewards card program and you have just placed an ad for your business in someone’s wallet! Loyalty and rewards programs are an excellent way to keep your customers returning. Historically a substantial percentage of gift cards once purchased are left non-redeemed. Both of our preferred POS systems Lavu for restaurant and VEND for retail, offer compatible gift card programs. Restaurant gift cards make up 35% of total gift cards sold in the U.S.

Now is the perfect time to create your own personal gift card program just in time for the holidays. Call MPI for more information on gift and loyalty cards programs compatible for your processing system today!