Aries8 Overview

The Aries8 from Pax technology is a stylish, versatile, and overall unique credit card terminal. 

The 8-inch IPS touchscreen display has an HD resolution of 1280×800 pixels. This high resolution screen can be customized to clearly display your company’s logo while the terminal is not in use.

The Aries8 is just as durable as it is visually pleasing, as it is water/spill resistant. This terminal accepts a wide range of payment methods, including touchless payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay and NFC enabled cards. One feature that sets the Aries8 apart is its combination magnetic strip and chip card reader. This feature allows consumers to insert their chip or swipe their card within the same area.  

In terms of connectivity, this device can utilize Wifi and ethernet connection and is also Bluetooth 4.2 enabled. The communications box attached to the terminal allows for even more versatile connectivity. Here we see six uniquely sized port options: Lan, cash drawer, RS232, USB, Power USB, and Power plug-ins. 

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