A920 & A920Pro

MPI is proud to announce that in addition to the Pax A920, we are also offering the PAX A920 Pro.We’ll begin by going over the features found in the standard A920, then touch on the additional features that can be found in the A920 Pro.

The A920 is Android based and equipped with a camera for taking photos of inventory. It is also equipped with a card swipe on top and a chip reader at the bottom. It also accepts Tap payments, such as Apple pay and Android pay.

The most impressive features of the A920 is it’s long-lasting battery life of 6-8 hours of use and ability to operate multiple apps in the background at once. Such apps may include a calendar, calculator, and a built in time clock. related service apps, and others. The Pax A920 has both Wifi and Bluetooth compatibility, allowing you to accept payments wirelessly and connect with other devices, such as your cell phone. This device also comes with a standard 2-year warranty.

In addition to all the features A920 offers, the A920 Pro also includes an infrared barcode scanner and a larger, more user friendly screen. The A920 Pro extends it’s own battery life by offering a sleep mode when idle, allowing it on average 1 ½ more hours of use than its counterpart, meaning it can complete 7 ½ to 9 ½ hours of use between charges.

Furthermore, the A920 Pro comes with the newest version of Android 11 and in addition to being Wifi and Bluetooth compatible, is also able to use cellular data. This allows you to accept payments even when you have poor or non-existent Wifi by connecting to a cellular tower instead.

If you are interested in purchasing the A920 or A920 Pro, check out our online shop or contact us at 1(800) 518-5020 or Sales@MPIPOS.com.