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Rates and Equipment

Mercantile Processing Inc. is proud to offer some of the best credit card processing rates in the nation due to its partnership with over 10 different vendors in the industry. These continued partnerships with some of the most prominent leaders in electronic payment systems in the nation give MPI the ability to broker the best credit card processing rates possible for your business. By customizing rates, fees, and payment for equipment/gateways, Mercantile Processing Inc. can help you keep your bottom line!

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Credit Card Processing

Mercantile Processing Inc. offers a complimentary rate analysis service to show merchants a comparison of their current processing rates and what MPI can offer. MPI can offer versatility in rate and fee structures allowing merchants the ability to process with the best vendor for their business. We feel that this is a beneficial service that should not break your budget.

Credit Card Terminals

MPI provides a variety of equipment, new and refurbished. We can offer cutting edge technology, while servicing merchants who would prefer a less expensive, refurbished option. Mercantile Processing Inc. also has terminals in inventory that allow us to cater to merchant who need replacement terminals in emergencies so that processing can continue un-interrupted.

Stand alone terminals
  • New or refurbished
  • Land-line or IP
Wireless terminals
  • New Only
  • Rental wireless terminals ($99/mo.)

Virtual Terminals and Gateways

From recurring billing to shopping cart options, MPI can offer your website easy integration with a multitude of of virtual terminal and gateway solutions. Enter transactions easily on user-friendly virtual terminals.

Mobile Pay and Payware

MPI can offer integrated payment applications for smart phones including iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, and many others. Mobile credit card processing allows merchants to reduce charge-back risks and receive swiped rates for businesses that have historically only qualified for key-entered rates.

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