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ATM Machines and Services

MPI offers merchants a host of ATM machines and services that enhance high foot traffic businesses. Merchants can give patrons the ability to access cash at their locations, increasing sales!

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New and Refurbished Equipment

MPI offers an extensive list of new and refurbished ATM machines. Brand new machines allow merchants the ability to offer cutting edge, streamlined ATM services to their merchants. Refurbished machines allow merchants the ability to make an investment into significantly less expensive ATM solutions.


Wireless ATMS

Mercantile Processing Inc. extends wireless ATM service to merchants looking to reduce the cost of landlines. No need to have landlines installed or worry about not putting your ATM machine in the spot you want it. Let us show you the innovative ATM solution of wireless connectivity!

Earn Up To 100% Surcharge

Unlike many competitors, MPI allows its merchants the ability to own their ATM and collect up to 100% of the surcharge from transactions. This can provide additional income for our merchants or create an opportunity to allow customers to not incur surcharge fees. This courtesy may lead to increased foot traffic and patron loyalty.

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