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Battery Back Up for POS

Battery Back Up for POS

Sep 20, 2018

Battery Backups - Keeping Businesses Operating Efficiently


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What is a battery backup?

Maybe you’ve heard of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). It is often referred to as a battery backup. A UPS or battery backup is an electronic device that provides power to your business-critical equipment in the event of a power outage. Battery backups are intended to provide temporary power during outages.

Isn’t that the same thing as a surge protector?

Simply put, they are not the same thing. All battery backups come with surge protection, but not all surge protectors include emergency backup power.

What devices should run on a battery backup?

All business-critical equipment should be connected to a battery backup. The most common devices include credit card terminals and your business router.

Do I really need one?

Yes, you really need one. Power outages, even brief ones, will cause operational hardship. A battery backup can prevent the need to restart all of your equipment after a power outage occurs.

Ok, but what about the internet? A power outage might take my internet service down as well. How can I continue processing transactions?

Combining a battery backup with a router that has cellular failover capabilities is the best way to ensure you can process credit cards in the event of a power outage. MPI carries both devices and keeps them in stock at all times. Check out our 4G Cellular Router here and our battery backup here.

What point of sale systems work with this equipment?

The good news is, a battery backup fits into every business with mission-critical hardware such as a wireless router and credit card terminal. Our expertise falls under Lavu point of sale for restaurants and Vend point of sale for retail businesses. However, all point of sale systems should be utilizing battery backups and failover routers for business continuity during emergencies.

Where can I go for more information?

MPI Point of Sale is your go-to expert for everything related to the Lavu Point of Sale software. We are here to answer all of your questions and help you every step of the way. Feel free to check out the Lavu Premium Loyalty bundle on our website here.


MPI - MPI Point of Sale provides credit card processing, check processing, payroll solutions, ATMS, gift/loyalty and point of sale services. MPI works with small businesses, restaurants, hotels and seasonal merchants to enhance their operations using technology and by providing top-notch customer service. For more information, please visit our website: Feel free to contact us At 1-800-518-5020



Lavu - The first iPad-based mobile point of sale software available on the iOS app store. With over 8 years of software development, this POS system offers a best-in-class experience for a minimal investment. Lavu works for every restaurant type, from a food truck to a fine dining establishment. Please check out Lavu at for more information.


Vend - Vend is the world’s leading cloud-based point of sale software for retail businesses. Vend makes it easy to manage your business remotely, whether it is checking your sales in real time, updating your inventory or connecting with your customers. Vend integrates with best-in-class software such as QuickBooks, Shopify and Timely. Please check out Vend at




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