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Lavu Star Kitchen Printing Issue

Lavu Star Kitchen Printing Issue

Jun 07, 2018

Issues with Star Micronics Printers for Lavu Customers Running Newest iOS

Bottom Line: Convert to Epson Printers

The issue: Star Printers aren’t working great with Lavu

Lavu Point of Sale was the very first iPad-based point of sale software for restaurants on the iOS App Store. That was 2010. At that time, the best printer with Lavu was a Star Micronics printer. Star is known for manufacturing quality printers and dozens of point of sale software companies have integrated their products into their systems. This article isn’t intended to bash Star equipment or Star as a company.


But anyone running the newest Lavu app and the newest iOS might run into some serious printing issues. Maybe you’ve already experienced them first hand.

How can I know if I’m experiencing those issues?

Most customers using SP700 (SP742) and TSP650 (TSP654) printers are seeing some serious issues in their kitchen and when printing receipts. The issues are pretty obvious and can be a significant hindrance to operational efficiency.

  • Half-prints

  • Print failures

  • Double-prints

Needless to say, these issues slow down your kitchen staff and your table-turnover rate. More importantly, they can damage a customer’s dining experience and your business’ reputation.

What can I do about these issues?

MPI Point of Sale understands our client’s need for reliable and efficient printing. We are offering free shipping for any Lavu customer who converts their old Star Micronics printers to Epson printers. Use the coupon code “fixmyprintersplease” at checkout to receive free shipping We stock all of the necessary consumables as well, such as black/red ribbon and 2-ply impact paper. Visit our website at and check out our offerings.


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