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Thinking about a Mobile Point of Sale System for your retail business? You are not alone!

Thinking about a Mobile Point of Sale System for your retail business? You are not alone!

Sep 20, 2017

Mobile Point of Sale systems (mPOS) are emerging as a top retail trend and transforming the retail experience in a way few technologies have done before. Many retailers are now equipping associates with mobile devices that allow them the efficiency of taking customer payments right on the sales floor. Powered by the cloud, these mPOS applications are helping retailers realize greater customer engagement, service and savings since implementation.

How fast is this trend taking hold? A Juniper Research study anticipated that more than 20 percent all retail transaction value would be handled by mobile point of sale devices by 2021. The same study also found that approximately a third or more of all point of sale systems will be a tablet or smartphone within five years. Another big factor in this trend growth is the rising availability of contactless payment options within consumer smartphones and the ability for in store mobile technology to accept them. This allows for the customer to experience a streamlined and more efficient checkout process which ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction.

As the mPOS adoption trend continues over the next several years the question will shift from “Can I afford to invest a Mobile Point of Sale system?” to “Can I afford not to?”. 

Here at MPI we offer Vend and Lavu mPOS systems and would be happy to set you up with a demo today! For more information on mPOS adoption and how we can help your business - email us today at or visit


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