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Eliminate EMV Liability? Tip adjustment for Restaurants? Open tabs on chip cards?

Eliminate EMV Liability? Tip adjustment for Restaurants? Open tabs on chip cards?

May 10, 2017

 With Lavu POS and the MPI Gateway Yes you can!

Lavu’s soon to be released integration with the MPI Gateway keeps clients out of scope from PCI, allowing for immediate readiness for EMV and is completely integrated allowing for a seamless checkout process and reconciliation. Accept chip cards, contactless payments such as Apple Pay®, and magnetic stripe cards using any processor all integrated directly into your Lavu POS. This integration provides increased security, plug and play set-up and immediate EMV capabilities.

If you operate a sit-down restaurant, chances are that your guests are used to being presented with a check at the table then the server taking their credit card to the terminal to swipe it. This presented a challenge for EMV sales with tipping and the hassle of having to purchase wireless terminals for "pay at the table". That is no longer the case if you are using the LAVU POS with MPI Gateway integration! You can now let your customers pay with a chip card and then add a tip on the merchant copy of the receipt and then go back and do a tip adjust at the end of the night as you always have done with the magnetic swipe cards.

For bars opening a tab on a card is a common occurrence. EMV cards presented a challenge to this practice. With Lavu’s MPI integration opening a tab on a chip card is smooth like a fine whiskey! Just open a tab as always and a pre auth amount will be processed on the card. When the tab is closed, an adjustment will be made to that auth amount and the transaction closed.

Lavu POS with MPI Gateway integration is the answer to your restaurant EMV needs. For more information on our Lavu Bundles click here or to schedule a demo call 800-518-5020 today and one of our POS specialists will be happy to assist you! 



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