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Save Valuable Time with Sure Payroll

Save Valuable Time with Sure Payroll

Dec 06, 2016

Save Time with Sure Payroll!

Time Clock Integration


  • Easy file importing rather than having to enter it manually
  • Error reduction since you won't have to type anything yourself 
  • Supports both hourly and salaried employees

Federal and State Compliance

Keep up with government regulations with Sure Payroll's SureAdvisor®. You can download HR compliance posters, how-to guides and other helpful resources for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

Payroll Accounting Integration

  • Allows you to simply import your payroll post entry into your general ledger with just a few clicks
  • You can easily and quickly look up a certain pay period's journal entry
  • Import journal entries instead of typing them

Mobile Payroll Apps

With Sure Payroll's Mobile Payroll apps, you can easily enter earnings, deductions, hours worked, and benefits like vacation, sick days, and personal times. This way you can easily run payroll from anywhere with AUTOMATIC PAYROLL TAX PAYMENTS AND FILINGS! 


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