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Vend Gift Cards

Vend Gift Cards

Nov 24, 2016

MPI + Vend + Gift Cards

It’s super easy to accept gift cards with the VEND point of sale system and its sure to increase your bottom line this holiday season!


More often than not, gift cards are some of the most highly requested items for birthdays and holidays alike. The gift card sale hits your sales numbers the day the gift card is purchased- some 65% of customers using a gift card as payment will spend about 40% more than their actual gift card amount. Meaning when they come back for redemption you will see a rise of 40%.


WIth VEND you can create gift cards in any amount! Thats right- gone are the days where you are stuck with specific $25, $50, and $100 values. If Bob comes in and wants a gift card for that annoying little sister of his, he can get a card for exactly $25.05.


The cool thing about VEND and giftcards are that the integration is completely free! You just need an advanced or multi-outlet account. We here at MPI are ready to offer you our white glove treatment. MPI handles the ordering, printing, delivery and even the artwork with our in house graphics department. Talk about a one stop shop!




To learn more about our white glove gift cards, or to place a simple order of cards that are pre-designed feel free to give us a call at - 800-518-5020, send us an email at, or visit


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