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Updates for the Time Change

Updates for the Time Change

Nov 04, 2016

Don't Forget to Set Your Terminal Time Back!

Everyone knows the old mantra fall back, spring forward. Don't forget to fall back for daylight savings this fall to avoid any customer confusion when using your terminals! Daylight saving time ends this Sunday November 6th at 2AM. Before you start your work day Monday morning you will want to turn your clocks as well as your terminal times back one hour. Below are some guidelines on how to do so for some of our most common terminals, the VX520 and our PAX terminals. If you have any questions regarding making this change or need assistance of course do not hesitate to call MPI's customer service team at 877-508-2831, option 0!


The VX520 is one of our most common merchant terminals. To update your time on this terminal follow the directions below:

  • Green ENTER
  • F2
  • Password: 998877 (this is the default password)
  • Press 1st purple key until you see date/time
  • F4
  • Enter current month/day/year in MMDDYYYY format
  • Enter current time (military time) - this is where you will set the time an hour back
  • Press red cancel to get back to main screen


MPI also sells and services PAX terminals, with our most common being the S80 and S90. To update your time on these terminals follow the directions below:


  • Menu
  • System settings (scroll down) (5)
  • Date time (1)
  • Input current date in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Input current time in military time - this is where you will set the time an hour back
  • Cancel out back to Main Menu


Some of our other terminals such as Dejavoo terminals prompt for this time change on their own, but if you need any assistance with any terminal time changes call MPI's customer service team who is happy to help! 



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