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Lavu Gift Cards

Lavu Gift Cards

Nov 24, 2016



Did you know that restaurants are the number 1 most popular gift card category? That’s right! Restaurant gift cards make up for nearly 35% of total gift cards according to our friends Gift Card Granny. If you are a restaurant owner and you aren't currently accepting gift cards...lets talk about a few things.


On average, a total of 65% of restaurant gift card holders spend an extra 38% over the cards given value. That means you will see an increase of 38% hit your bottom line! I know what you’re saying, gift cards are so expensive to accept. Well not anymore!


Lavu and MPI are working together to offer merchants a fully integrated gift card system. This means that it will not cost you anything to accept gift cards in time for this holiday season. For nine years in a row, gift cards have been the number one requested gift on everyone’s list. Lets help make sure you’re not missing out on lost sales. Did you know about Lavu’s integrated gift cards? If not you answered no- you might not be getting the most out of your Lavu system. Give MPI a call to day and learn more about the services we offer to Lavu customers.


MPI is here to help you increase revenue this holiday season. We proudly offer a white glove gift card setup where we will handle the ordering, printing, delivery and even design the cards for you. Our in house design team is eagerly awaiting your call, or email, or even an order using MPI’s online webstore.


CALL: 800-518-5020


ORDER: --- click on “gift cards” under the misc. tab



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