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MPI Gateway

MPI Gateway

Aug 19, 2016

MPI Gateway Blog

MPI is proud to announce their gateway solution for use with VEND Pos. This is a fully integrated EMV live solution accepting NFC/apple pay, swiped and chop cards. The integration makes a seamless transition between VEND’s payment screen and one of MPI’s compatible terminals.


The gateway is affordable and allows you to choose any processor you want.

We have completed testing on the below Pax and Dejavoo terminals:


  • S300
  • SP30


  • Z8 (WiFi)
  • Z9 (WiFi)
  • Z11 (WiFi)
  • Z3
  • Z6
  • Z1 (WiFi)

The z8, z9, z11 and z1 Dejavoo terminals are wifi enabled so they are a super easy add on ot any location that does not want to run and additional wire or has mobile needs.

Combining the z8, z9, and z11 Dejavoo terminals along with MPI’s gateway allows a tip line to be printed for post authorization tipping. 

The below processors are compatible with the MPI gateway:

  • TSYS
  • First Data Omaha
  • Global (DEJAVOO ONLY)
  • Heartland (Pax Only)
  • Global EST Canada (DEJAVOO ONLY)



Gateway pricing is $15 per terminal monthly and $0.05 per transaction. Email for an application. Please ask your processor for a VAR sheet specific to the terminal you want. (from the above list)

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