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MPI + Verizon Wireless With the Pax S90

MPI + Verizon Wireless With the Pax S90

Apr 20, 2016


MPI is excited to announce the newest addition to its terminal lineup - the Pax S90!

This is a wireless terminal on the CDMA (Verizon Wireless) network and accepts:

    • EMV (LIVE)
    • Magstrip
    • Pin debit
    • Credit
    • NFC
    • Apple pay
    • Android pay
    • EBT

The battery life allows for two normal days of processing before needing to recharge. It is sleek enough for the glove compartment or travel bag, but also sturdy enough to withstand being on the road.
MPI + Verizon Wireless Network makes for the most reliable EMV live mobile device out there!

Call us today to see how much you can save with swiping v/s keying transactions. Have MPI + Verizon Wireless on your side- after all it's all about the NETWORKing - who’s in yours?

Visit our online store to purchase yours today!

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